Sandhill Therapeutic Massage and Wellness

About Me

I graduated from Lakeside School of Therapeutic Massage in 2004 and have been practicing massage ever since. I have always had a need for peace in my life, which is why my wife and I put our roots down near Spring Green in the hills of the Driftless region. Nature is something that I need to immerse myself in regularly. It brings me a sense of wholeness, and connects me with something bigger than myself. I have experienced first hand the healing properties of nature and the grounding effect that it can have on you. It is this centered and grounding presence that I strive to bring into each massage session. From this place we can begin to learn new ways of approaching the pain, stress, and anxiety that may be in your life. 

I truly believe that we create the quality of our existence. By taking the time for yourself, you can positively impact your wellbeing. If you are grounded and at peace, it will radiate out into all aspects of your life... like the ripples from a pebble tossed in the water.